Friday, May 26

Rockin all over the World!

Who would think that a cruise ship could be cool? Think again - P&O cruise ships will be rocking to indie music more likely to be heard in night clubs rather than the onboard a cruise ship this year.

A summer programme has been designed to keep teenagers and children entertained by covers of bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and the Kaiser cheifs.The live gigs mark a shift in attitude for P&O, whose entertainment has been more traditionally based around classical performances, cabaret acts and dancing.

These 'gigs' are just the beginning of a new era to signify the changes to P&O's onboard entertainment style, showing that they can keep up with the changes in contemporary society.
A band will be onboard every Oceana cruise leaving Southampton between July 8th and August 25th 2006. P&O’s entertainment programme also includes theatre workshops by Katch 22 Productions, magicians and parties for children under 12.

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