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Tips to Stay Slim on a Cruise

Staying slim on a cruise holiday could be a nightmare, think 24 hour buffets and endless choices to tempt you. Or maybe you have just started dieting and exercising and your cruise is just around the corner. Will you dread stepping back on the scales when you return?

Cruising has changed over the last few years; it’s not just bigger ships offering more destinations, now many have encompassed a healthier option for those who wish to stay slim on their cruise holiday.

Think of it like a 5 star Health Resort, with your every need catered for. It is a lot easier to start eating healthily or remain on your healthy eating plan if someone else is doing the cooking, planning your daily meals, and counting all the calories for you. The options to take up a new form of exercise are bountiful, maybe you’ve always wanted to try Yoga, Tai-chi, or aerobics. Or just discover what all those machines in the gym can actually help you achieve. On a cruise ship you have the luxury of trying them all to see which suits you, a tiresome and potentially expensive option once back on dry land.

One of the key elements to staying slim on a cruise is to set yourself a routine, choose certain times to eat and try to stick to them, which is much easier if you have pre-booked an exercise class. Of course being on holiday means time to unwind and crack open a bottle or two of wine, which can be the downfall of any healthy eating plan. If like myself you are a lover of the vino do not despair, try mixing it with a slim line tonic to make a refreshing spritzer, or save that special bottle that you really like for a pre planned meal where you have taken the calories into consideration. Also remember you don’t have to drink the whole bottle in one sitting, ask the waiter to seal it for you and enjoy with your next meal.

Avoid, avoid, avoid the buffet restaurant unless you have nerves of steel. I challenge only the robots of our species to not pile the plate with those extra tempting calorie laden titbits, or indeed go back for seconds and thirds. At the more traditional type of restaurant you can choose your meal without having the temptation of looking at what you know you shouldn’t have. One tip that has over the years helped me enormously, ask the waiter to remove/don’t put there in the first place, is the bread basket, it is oh so easy to spread with butter and nibble away till your actual meal arrives

If like me you are a natural grazier, a lit bit of something and often suits the way you eat, and then seek out the many options on board of fresh fruit which will be in abundance, or raw vegetable, even try if you haven’t already great freshly made smoothes that are a great way to fill yourself up. Obviously go for the options that don’t contain coconut, which unfornately for a coconut lover is laden with calories.

Cruise holidays also offer the chance to join in with on deck sports and activities. Walking around the deck certainly beats walking back at home on a rainy day. Views of the ocean are inspiring and creative, and indeed reflective. Take this time to be selfish, and relish in the wonders of what you have achieved or would like to achieve.

Then there are the swimming pools. Maybe there is nothing more luxurious then swimming in an open air pool aboard a cruise liner as you gently glide across the ocean, and of course a great opportunity to tone up. An option that I particularly like is jogging in water, not only are you supporting all the major muscle groups, but you will find you can keep going a lot longer than if you were to jog around the deck. If you haven’t seen anyone jogging in the pool before, be the first, you will soon find you have quite a following.

One of the UK’s favourite cruise brands, P&O Cruises, Sports & Spa offers a wealth of options to regenerate mind, body and spirit. Their ocean view gymnasium with its up to date equipment and personal trainers can be combined to build a comprehensive well-being programme. P&O Cruises have literally taken the cruise holiday to another dimension with their ‘CruiseTone’ option, which incorporates a balance of healthy eating menus, personal trainers, and classes ranging from Pilates, Yoga, to the more energetic aerobic classes. Of course all of these activities need to come with some much deserved relaxation, and here again P&O Cruises do not disappoint with their excellent Holistic Spa. Here you can wile away the hours being pampered with the latest treatments in facials, aromatherapy, reflexology to name but a few of the vast list of beauty and relaxation treatments available.

Staying slim on a Cruise holiday is two-fold; it is how you exercise and what you consume. But the fantastic facilities and healthy food options have now pushed Cruise holidays to the fore. You can now look forward to coming home to a healthier, slimmer, more revitalised you, and of course a cruise holiday to remember.

Original article written by Amanda Barnes for Ideal Cruising

Friday, June 25

What are your thoughts on being charged for airline 'extras'?

It seems that airlines are squeezing every possible penny from the air traveller. Take a look at Thomas Cook's plans to charge for inflight entertainment at £7.50 per person... Read the full article here http://www.worldtravelguide.net/news/3591/news/Thomas-Cook-Airlines-to-charge-for-in-flight-entertainment.html

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Thursday, June 24

No fly cruises, no hassle holiday

The recent events surrounding air travel have had a massive impact on the way we book our holidays. Before a few months ago, we wouldn't think twice about our travel method - if we wanted to go to Spain, we would have booked a flight.  But since the pain of regular airlines strikes and the impact of the Icelandic volcano ash, we have been forced to seek alternative holiday arrangements...
Read more of this article: http://www.worldtravelguide.net/feature/354/index/No-fly-cruises%2C-no-hassle-holiday.html#ixzz0rUahN9rB

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Wednesday, June 23

Recycling operations on a luxury cruise ship

Whilst all 1,432 passengers on board Holland America's Zaandam, are enjoying their  5-course meal at one of the ship's luxury dining restaurants or unwinding with a hot-stone massage in the invigorating spa, the crew are busy below deck, sorting out tons of waste and recyclables. Read the rest of this article here: Recycling operations on a luxury cruise ship

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Tuesday, June 22

Your cruise holiday is safe in our hands

As a member of ABTA (K0476) and part of Europe’s largest consumer co-operative we can offer you complete peace of mind that your holiday money is safe. Your cruise holiday is in our hands and we know how much it means to you. More reasons to book with Ideal Cruising here http://www.idealcruising.co.uk/why_choose_us.php

Thursday, June 17

Interview with Sophie Higgins, Head of Sales UK, Azamara Club Cruises

1. Azamara Club Cruises are still relatively unknown in the UK, can you explain the essence of Azamara Club Cruises?
Azamara Club Cruises is part of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd and is the upscale, boutique brand within the portfolio. Everything we offer on board is uniquely presented and each cruise focuses on complete destination immersion – we have 2 ships in the fleet but we visit 140 ports which is an incredible global deployment and mean that no two cruises are the same.

2. Who would Azamara Club Cruises appeal to?
This is very much a brand for the discerning traveller who wants to take time to get to know a port or city. As with any boutique brand, our two ships, Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest sail with only 650 guests, so there is a more intimate feel from the moment guest’s board. We’ve also really slowed down the experience so that itineraries include much longer stays in ports such as 3-nights in St Petersburg or multiple overnight stays in Southeast Asia, including Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. Guests who enjoy the finer things in life will really love this brand.

3. Who are Azamara Club Cruises main competitors and what makes Azamara Club Cruises unique?
What makes us unique is our ability to visit more ports and really let the guest get up-close-and-personal with the cities that we travel too, even those that are slightly further afield such as a 3-night excursion from Mumbai to take in the Taj Mahal. None of our itineraries are ‘round-trips’, which means that guests can create their own bespoke itinerary depending on the number of itineraries or land-based excursions they combine. We’ve realised that ‘one-size’ doesn’t fit all and by offering real destination immersion to our guests that this value is not attainable elsewhere. We recognise that upmarket boutique land based hotels are our competitors.

4. Why do you think Azamara Club Cruises offers value for money?
It is the entire package that one of our cruises offers, as well as the host of items that are included – our guests enjoy bottled water, sodas, speciality coffees and teas offered at no charge throughout the voyage, whether in public venues or in staterooms, as well as house wines during their meals. Our housekeeping and dining gratuities are also included in the price of the cruise. We provide shuttlebus service to/from port communities, where available at no extra cost to the guest.

Combine this with the destinations and itineraries and we have already received the most amazing feedback from customers who loved the intimate experience and personal service levels.

5. Can you tell us about Azamara Club Cruises itineraries and best destinations?
All our itineraries are unique in that they do not have the same embarkation and disembarkation ports – and guests can create their own bespoke cruise as by connecting any number of the 7-night itineraries consecutively. I think we offer some truly wonderful destinations but I’d certainly like to be able to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered such as watching the Grand Prix from the ship whilst in Monte Carlo.

6. Azamara Cruises recently changed their name to Azamara Club Cruises. What other changes have been made?
We made a number of changes in January to the brand which were implemented over a course of a couple of months. The most significant would be the name change, as the brand became known as Azamara Club Cruises.

The other key changes revolve around enhancing the senses, seeing the destinations; savouring the wine and cuisine on board/in port, listening and expanding knowledge through our enrichment and land programmes; touching all of our guests with extraordinary service; and breathing in a healthier lifestyle with programmes to help guests balance their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs.

7. What is your favourite element of Azamara Club Cruises?
For me it has to be the opportunity to really explore exciting destinations in the comfort and intimate style onboard an Azamara vessel. Plus of course the extensive choice of complimentary ice creams found onboard are pretty amazing!

8. In one sentence, why should people cruise with Azamara Club Cruises?
Simply because, anyone who sails with us will simply love where our ships will take them.

Wednesday, June 16

Beat the Queue by Booking your Cruise Early

Booking your cruise early for 2011 makes more than just good sense - it can make you money! Yes thats right, booking early means you can benefit from free onboard spend as well as the obvious early-bird savings on your overall cruise price. You may also take advance of our low deposit, free cabin upgrade and free car parking offers. Call us today (or click the link below) to see how you can save by booking early!
Early Cruise Booking Offers

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Standby Cruises and Cancellations

Looking to go on holiday in the next couple of weeks? Having trouble finding a real bargain?
Well, If you want someone else to do all the legwork and find a last minute cruise holiday on your behalf, why not sign up to the Ideal Cruising Standby Cruises Service?

This new service means you get a personal call whenever a suitable cruise offer comes up. This could be a cancellation or a standby cruise.  You simply fill out an online form and an Ideal Cruising agent will do the rest for you.

Standby cruises can go for as little as £44 per night, which is way less than staying in a hotel!

For more information go to Ideal Cruising Standby Cruises

Holidays keep you sane!

I would holiday every other week if I could, but alas I have a mortgage to pay and a job to do! That said, I can never believe how anyone copes without a holiday for longer than a 6 month period - I've heard people say (proudly) ‘I haven’t taken a holiday in 5 years!’ No wonder they're always ill, stressed out and old before their time! I'm no doctor but anyone better qualified people than me could tell you that going on holiday is essential for a number of things :
  • Dealing with stress and strain  
  • Overcoming anxiety  
  • Allowing your mind & body to rest completely 
  • Overcoming illness  
  • Reconnecting with loved ones
A holiday can take many forms and as you can imagine, my favourite is the cruise holiday. But it doent really matter what or where - it just needs to be time away from your everyday responsibilities. Leaving your work emails and phone alone, taking time to rest properly.

Many people think that just 'taking time off' and staying home is as good as a break away. I tend to disagree with this theory. After all, the temptation is too great to think about everyday stress's, Your bills will still drop on the doormat. People can still call you. Your friends and family still drop over unannounced. No, what you need is a complete break from real life to really benefit.
So if you're reading this thinking - im that person that hasnt had a holiday in over six months, why not book some time off and take a break away from it all. Im sure you'll come back to this post to thank me.

Thursday, June 10


Independence of the Seas
Selected dates June - August 2010
No Flying - Sail from Southampton

Please call 0845 296 1852 for details!

Click here for Independence of the Seas Offer

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Wednesday, June 9

Modelling legend Twiggy Godmother to luxury cruise ship Seabourn Sojourn

British fashion icon Twiggy, more recently known as a judge on TV's America's Next Top Model, was chosen to christen the latest Seabourn ship, Seabourn Sojourn.
After a short speech, Twiggy pressed the button to release the champagne bottle which thankfully broke (averting the mythical mariners bad luck).

The exclusive event was held whilst the ship was docked in the Thames River across from London's Canary Wharf. While the christening itself was releatively short it was followed by a black tie celebration where several hundred guests were presented with a five-course meal and a fireworks display on deck.

Seabourn Sojourn is the second of three new sister ships being rolled out over three years in a major expansion programme tripling capacity.
The ship's maiden voyage begins on Sunday  followed by an inaugural series of 12- to 14-day voyages of Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic this summer.
Call our cruise specialists on 0845 296 1852 for more details and a competative quote.

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A great new way to buy your cruise - P&O Cruises Flexicruise

Flexicruise is the new way to book your cruise with P&O Cruises. How does Flexicruise work?
There are two departure groups of cruises to choose
from, you simply need to decide whether you would
like to cruisebefore or after Christmas. The first group
of pre-Christmas holidays consists of five Caribbean
cruises and the second, nine Caribbean holidays.
To find out more click on the image...

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Read our New to Cruise guides

If you’re new to cruising, you’ve come to the right place. In this collection of articles we will concentrate on some of the big questions like costs, what it's really like onboard, and other frequently asked questions.

One thing you can be sure of from your first cruise, as long as you plan carefully and choose the right ship and destination suited to you, you're in for the holiday of a lifetime!


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Amazing Star Cruise Buys!

Crown Princess - 29th July 2010
Norway & Iceland - Sail from UK
Fantastic Reduced Price
School Hols - Kids from just £399!

Amazing low fare from £899pp

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