Tuesday, June 15

Holidays keep you sane!

I would holiday every other week if I could, but alas I have a mortgage to pay and a job to do! That said, I can never believe how anyone copes without a holiday for longer than a 6 month period - I've heard people say (proudly) ‘I haven’t taken a holiday in 5 years!’ No wonder they're always ill, stressed out and old before their time! I'm no doctor but anyone better qualified people than me could tell you that going on holiday is essential for a number of things :
  • Dealing with stress and strain  
  • Overcoming anxiety  
  • Allowing your mind & body to rest completely 
  • Overcoming illness  
  • Reconnecting with loved ones
A holiday can take many forms and as you can imagine, my favourite is the cruise holiday. But it doent really matter what or where - it just needs to be time away from your everyday responsibilities. Leaving your work emails and phone alone, taking time to rest properly.

Many people think that just 'taking time off' and staying home is as good as a break away. I tend to disagree with this theory. After all, the temptation is too great to think about everyday stress's, Your bills will still drop on the doormat. People can still call you. Your friends and family still drop over unannounced. No, what you need is a complete break from real life to really benefit.
So if you're reading this thinking - im that person that hasnt had a holiday in over six months, why not book some time off and take a break away from it all. Im sure you'll come back to this post to thank me.

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