Monday, July 10

Packing for your Cruise

Well, packing for a cruise sounds easy doesnt it? Hmmm, not quite! The thing with many cruises is that you face a new day in a new port - each of which may have its own climate, combined with days at sea which can be very hot by day yet very cool at night. So how do you pack to cover every eventuality without bringing your entire wardrobe?

Here are some tips to help you on your way!
  • Pack lightly, especially for warm-weather cruises. Just remember to toss in a sweater, jacket or shawl for cool evenings and hyper-air-conditioned ships.
  • If you are visiting somewhere like Alaska, wearing lots of thin layers rather than one thick one will help with the changeable climate. It may be very chilly but when the sun comes out you'll be too hot otherwise!
  • By day, casual shirts, shorts and beachwear are ideal. For going ashore and walking on deck (which may be slippery at times), flat comfortable shoes with a rubber grip are a must.
  • Although cruising isn’t nearly as formal as it once was, people still love to dress up. Some ships have a variety of Formal, Informal and Smart Casual evenings. On formal evenings, for ladies this is the opportunity to wear something glamorous and dressy such as an evening dress or cocktail outfit. For men a dinner jacket or tuxedo are the norm, otherwise a suit and tie is fine.
  • Don’t forget sun protection cream, a sun hat and sunglasses – the sun is much stronger at sea!
  • Dont forget your swimsuit! Many ships have whirlpools as well as swimming pools.
  • Gym kit - many ships have a state of the art gym, jogging track and sporting facilities so trainers are a must!
  • For hotter climes it would also be advisable to pack some insect repellent to help avoid irritating insect bites.
  • If you are taking any personal medication, please ensure you take enough to last the duration of the cruise.
  • Don't bother packing towels for your cruise - towels are provided for the bathroom. For the swimming pool, towels are usually provided at the poolside.
  • In the event that you do forget anything, on board shops are usually very well stocked with 'ordinary everyday' goods.
  • Check the baggage size and weight limit for the airline you are using. The rules are not the same on all airlines. Make very sure you have underweight luggage when you leave home, because it never seems to be that way on the way home!
  • Check to see if they have a theme night or talent show where you might need some special outfits.
  • Check whether your ship has two pin or three pin sockets and pack an adaptor if necessary.
  • Dont forget to buy fully comprehensive travel insurance and take your documents, your tickets and PASSPORT!!

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