Tuesday, October 10

Entertainment onboard Ocean Village

The entertainment was a little hit and miss when it concerned timings - some days you couldnt fit it all in and others were a bit quiet. The singers were all very good - my favourite shows were the Robbie Williams and The Queen tributes. Nothing short of brilliant, i couldnt stop dancing and singing - much to the amusement of my husband.

The Moon Show which started about 10pm on the Saturday night, on Deck 14 was amazing. Very well choreographed and thoroughly enjoyable. A feast of singing, dancing and acrobatics - its hard to describe and better seen in the flesh. Many of the acts we had seen snippets of through the week performing in the Village Square, such as jugglers and acrobats but that still didnt prepare us for the breathtaking spectacle we witnessed that night!

Connexions bar was always a buzzing hive of activity and got very busy in the evenings - rightly so with its daily offerings of comedians, quizzes, singers and karaoke. My favourite night was a medly of TV quizzes including Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Blankety Blank, the audience participation was great and after a few drinks the answers just got funnier and funnier, it was alot of fun. My advice is to get there quite early to bag a seat if you don't wish to stand.

If you wanted to carry on partying, The Bayside Club was the place to be. By day this is a gym then it's sectioned off and becomes a club. If you prefer quieter eveings then the Blue Bar was perfect, i enjoyed drinking here as it was the only non smoking bar on board and they served fabulous cocktails too.

Being a movie buff - I was particularly impressed with the Movie Drome. They usuallly showed 4 films each day, the seats were really comfy and it didnt pack out at all so the overall experience was comfortable. We watched Poseidon, The Da Vinci Code and Nacho Libre which are all fairly recent films. There are also some good films shown in your cabin daily if you dont feel like venturing out.

There really was something for everyone on board Ocean Village - there were even several art auctions onboard throughout the week which seemed very popular. It was nice to see all the artwork dotted around the ship even though we didnt indulge oursleves.

We spent a few evenings in the casino which was quite fun even though we lost £100. Between 7pm-9pm the min bet was reduced to 25p so you could play roulette for longer - we managed to drag £20 out for 2 hours! Bingo in the Marquee also proved to be very popular, i expected it to be full of ladies but how wrong was i? Well there were at least 25% and the average age was 40 so i was very wrong!

James Martin did a cookery demonstration in the Marquee on the Thursday daytime which went down a storm. He had a little kid helping and they were quite a double act - James if you're reading this, you could have a career in comedy should the cooking fall through! The Marquee was full to the rafters!

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