Wednesday, February 28

Mobile (cell) phones at Sea

Many of today's cruisers can't the thought of leaving their technical toys at home and having no connection to friends and family, even at sea.
Increasingly, major cruise lines are offering a number of high-tech guest options - from Wi-Fi hot spots to cabin data ports, from mobile phone service to iPods and computer classes. Silversea Cruises reports 65 percent of its guests use some form of onboard Internet access, while 50 percent are using their mobile phones at sea. But spare a thought for your fellow travellers amongst all this technology.

Only a couple of years ago, the world news could only come via newsletters that were printed onboard and placed under cabin doors. The enjoyment of cruising was the fact that you could leave the rest of the world behind for a few days and not be stressed out. Cruising had always been a very relaxing way to travel. Since the innovative introduction of mobile phone use onboard many cruise ships, that feeling being unreachable is a thing of the past.

The biggest complaint of late is that some mobile phone users can be rude and inconsiderate. Speaking loudly and leaving their phones on no matter where they are, be it at the dinner table or in the theatre during a show. After a backlash from many cruise customers, some cruise lines are looking at placing restrictions and reminding passengers to turn off phones in areas like the restaurant, theatres, etc.

There are many benefits to this kind of mobile technology; the good thing about internet access and hotspots is that they are usually in given areas, areas that you don't have to visit, should you wish not to. With mobile phones its different, since the user can roam where they wish, disturbing the peace should that dreaded ‘crazy frog’ ring tone start up! I know I will certainly make use of mobile onboard my next cruise but I will limit my use to my cabin – besides, why would I want anyone listening into my conversations anyway?!

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J and D said...

I have mixed emotions about cell phone use at sea. I see it as part of the evolution of both the cell phone industry and the cruise industry but I have visions of people abusing it in public areas. After researching the international roaming rates that many phone companies charge, I would not want to be the family who let their kids spend all vacation talking to friends back home.