Friday, March 23

Hate the Idea of a Cruise?

Thats a common feeling from people who have never cruised before, but stop for one moment to think of your dream holiday... is it something like this?
Rather than spending a whole week in the same place, how would you like to wake each morning to a new destination, a new adventure? Imagine all your travelling is done at night while you enjoy a slap up meal, drink at the bar or even while you sleep. Imagine varied entertainment, great duty free shopping and a wide range of excursions. Imagine a place where kids are never bored, adults are never bored and there you have it... you've just described a cruise!

So whats stopping you now? Is it the price? Well you can get a week cruise in the med for the same price as a week in Ibiza now! try lines such as Ocean Village, Thomsons, Island Cruises and MSC for some really good deals, they are definately out there!!!

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