Friday, April 13

P&O Ventura Breaks Records

Well if you were trying to book a cruise on the first day the newest ship from P&O Cruises, Ventura went on sale, you may have been one of the many unlucky ones that missed out on her Maiden Voyage. It wasn't just the maiden voyage that sold out quickly though, such was the demand that one third of the ship's entire inventory for 2008 was sold out in one day.

This is so far the best selling ship for P&O Cruises and also their parent company, the Carnival Corporation.

To be honest, i am not surprised by the Ventura's success at all. The ship looks fabulous, with great decor and superb facilities as well as interesting itineraries. The children's facilities alone are really well thought out with an abundance of entertainment to suit all age groups. This will definitely impress families and I'm sure that the Ventura will get receive many repeat bookings after people have sailed aboard her.

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Review That Cruise said...

wow, Well thats amazing! I don't think any other ship has sold out so fast has it?

Also I could not find much information about the P&O Ventura do you know when it is to launch?


Titchy Carla said...

It sets sail in April 2008. If you want more info visit