Thursday, March 20

Heathrow terminal 5 here I come!

Next month I will have the great pleasure of departing from the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. From what I've seen in the press so far, it all sounds absolutely fabulous. The quick check in and bag drop...well who wouldn't benefit from that?
The designer shopping including such brands such as Harrods, Tiffany & Co. and Mulberry will certainly please many - excluding my husband or my bank that is. The obvious downside to this self contained fashion village is that you can't access it without flying with BA.And as if all that wasn't enough, Gordon Ramsey has opened a restaurant there as part of the T5 fine dining experiences.
One thing is for sure, I will have spent my holiday money before I even board my plane. I guess I'll just have to keep you updated on my experience next month. Wish my purse luck!

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Titchy Carla said...

My experience of Terminal 5 was a very good one. No lost baggage, no queues, just friendly staff and a smooth journey.
I ate in Gordon Ramseys Plane Food restaurant, it was ok. The breakfast manu was pretty ordinary in price and flavour but i'm sure lunch would have been more creative.
If I had to complain about anything, it would have been the lack of high street shops in the departure lounge. If you wanted to buy anything other than from the standard duty free store (World something), you had to pay top dollar.
I particularly liked the way that short term parking under 2 hours was free, so for pick up/drop off, its not gonna cost you a penny... unless the flight's delayed!