Thursday, March 13

If you're wondering why I haven't made many blog entries this year, there's a simple explanation. I have been working hard on a new project for Ideal Cruising which simplifies the current 6 page online booking process to a simple single page. Each section of the process is separated by a sliding 'accordian' style window so that you can go through each step individually without having to wait for a page to load each time. The best part of this is the ability to change your choices or amend your details at any stage. We are just putting it through the testing phase right now and will be launching on the main site within the next two weeks.
The technology behind the new system is Ajax... to that comment i will have had some techies nodding their heads with approval but to most people that would only conjure up a vision of smelly cleaning powder from the 80's. Whichever it is, trust me it, its state of the art!
Following on from this we are planning to redesign the entire Ideal Cruising website to make it more user friendly, less cluttered and fresher. There will be a few new features which are a first for the cruise industry so watch this lips are sealed for now!

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