Monday, August 2

7 of our Favourite Cruise Ship Cakes

Its probably no secret that we like cakes in the Ideal Cruising office. Thats why we decided to put together a slideshow of our favourite cruise ship themed cakes accross the world wide web.

And lets not forget that we owe a big thank you to Kelly Tayor, one of our multi-talented cruise specialists, for her special cruise ship themed birthday cake (photo on the right). Made specially for Ideal Cruising's 6th birthday. This photo was taken with a bity of a dodgy phone camera - within and hour there were barely crumbs left. Yum, thanks again Kelly!



TheTravelAngel said...

That was cute. So unique and an ideal party cakes for everyone..

:-) John

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Cakescrazy said...

I purchased a cruise liner cake from these people, you should check their cruise ship cakes