Thursday, August 12

New Kids on the Block Carnival Cruises Concert

I wasn't much of a 'New Kids on the Block' fan to be honest, when I was younger I preferred the English boy bands however I know I was the odd one out. My friends all had the posters, had the keyrings, knew all the words to every song. Bordering on the obsessional. And so, time has moved on, they're married, a few have had kids and now my friends have blossomed into seasoned cruisers. So, as you can imagine I'm actually quite scared to tell them about the concert that will be held on Carnival Cruise line in May 2011.
This will be the 3rd time NKOTB have performed at such an event at sea and by all accounts you don't just see them perform then never catch them, again - oh no, something far worse happens... they hang around, they host competitions, you'll see them at the bars and restaurants and even hosting poolside games.
Last year their cruise sold out in a matter of hours just proving there's life in the old (sea) dogs yet!

I fear all this will all be far too much excitement for my ageing friends but worse than that, I fear those poor lads will be hounded by them the entire trip. So, my decision is made, my lips are sealed and theres no-one but me and you going to ever know *wink*.

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