Monday, October 3

Ideal Cruise & Stay Of The Week

There are not many cruises that involve driving, however it would seem that Ideal Cruising have found one. Although before you jump to conclusion its not just any drive. Its actually an amazing cross state drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. For those of you who have not experience this, its amazing, its only 4 hours away from the city of Los Angeles, yet its a world away from anything you have ever seen before, the skyline of Vegas appears in the desert like a mirage in the vast desert.

How did you end up here, well thats the cruise part. The package in question is 2 nights in Los Angeles, 7 nights on the Carnival Splendor sailing the Mexican Riviera and then 3 nights in Las Vegas. Its an amazing combination of hotel stays and cruise, Carnival Cruise Lines will pamper you and keep you entertained for a week while you sail the west coast of Mexico, stopping at places such as Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta before arriving back into LA and picking up a car ready to hit the road and head east into the desert.

Things to do in Los Angeles

Go Celeb Spotting
Hollywood celebrities are never far away in LA. To catch a glimpse of stardust, take the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where 2,000 figures from the entertainment world are immortalised in pink terrazzo with symbolic gold lettering. If you're a film buff, look out for the famous hand and footprints at Graumans Chinese Theatre. Countless premieres and galas have passed through, adding to the renowned pagoda's star quality.
Shop Rodeo Drive
Many people dream of being Julia Roberts shopping on Rodeo Drive, but few can afford to buy from the array of high-end designers seen in the film 'Pretty Woman'. So window-shopping is the order of the day. Along the $200-million ersatz European cobbled walkway Two Rodeo, browsing tourists mingle with serious spenders. A hop away is Anderson Court, which is the only shopping mall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Things to do In Vegas
Bellagio Fountains
This show is a light and sound show, coupled with the fountain display. This takes place in front of the Bellagio Hotel, and is acceptable for everyone of all ages.
Las Vegas Space Flights
The zero gravity Las Vegas experience is now available for those who wish to feel weightless. A specially designed Boeing 727 will perform effects of a real space flight including flying smaller parabolas that recreate lunar gravity.
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