Monday, October 17

Your Ideal Cunard Transatlantic Crossing

There are many things that are suited to each other, fish and chips for example, Sundays and roast dinners and of course, they are both very traditionally British. Something else very British is Cunard, steeped in history from the grand days of the transatlantic crossings, Cunard still to this day offers something that little bit special and here at Ideal Cruising, we have managed to take the best of Cunard and create something a little bit more special.

How? Well, we have included not only your return flights on a 16 night transatlantic voyage from Venice to Fort Lauderdale on November 20th of this year, we have included a lagoon tour on an old merchant vessel in the Venice Lagoon while you are there. That’s not it however, but on its own would be a talking point. No we have managed to include tickets for Verdi’a opera La Traviata in Venice on your first night.

The Opera is held at the Musica a Palazzo on the Sunday night. For those of you who don’t’ know, the Musiza a Palazzo is a Venetian Palace from about the 15th Century located on the Grand Canal. With such a unique building, the acts of the Opera are held in different rooms really building the atmosphere and also creating almost a sense of involvement as you move from room to room, act to act.

Something that will last with you for your 16 night cruise and beyond, find out more here

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