Friday, July 2

10 Questions Every First Time Cruiser Should Ask Themselves

  1. Which destinations would i like to to visit during my trip?
  2. Do I want a warm climate?
  3. How much can I afford to spend?
  4. Do I want an all inclusive cruise?
  5. Do I want to fly or do I want to sail from a UK port?
  6. Am I looking for a casual experience or a more formal cruise?
  7. Do I need to be kept entertained or am i ok lounging by the pool with a book?
  8. Am I looking for an adult only ship or one suitable for families?
  9. Am I looking for an inside, outside or balcony?
  10. Am i willing to forfeit any of the above in order to get a good deal?
Once you know the answers to these, you're ready to call your cruise specialist, Ideal Cruising on 0845 839 9344

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