Monday, July 26

Our Top Ten Gadling Cruise Tips

This week we decided to pay hommage to Gadling's 100% reader-generated feature, "100 words or less" In a nutshell, this is where YOU—the expert traveler—get to share your expert travel tips with Gadling. Some are brilliant, some are fun and some are quite bizarre - one thing is for sure, its a great read.

Here's our Top Ten Favourite Cruise Tips

  1. Pack a dry erase board and markers (our favourite for sheer randomness)
  2. Pack a swimsuit in your carry-on bag
  3. Get the right cabin for you
  4. Wear your room key
  5. Use two-way radios
  6. Bring these 6 Essential Items
  7. Bring Grandma
  8. Research your excursions
  9. Book early
  10. Write, don't call
For more like these please visit the Gadling Top 100 Cruise Tips here.

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