Monday, July 26

A Great Concept in Cruising for the Solo Traveller

Hats off to Norwegian Cruise Lines, their latest innovation in singles cruise travel aboard their newest ship, Norwegian Epic, really is quite a breath of fresh air.

Solo travellers can often be punished with high suppliments and made to feel as though they dont fit within the social fabric of a cruise holiday. NCL have taken the time to understand the problems facing single cruise travellers and taken steps to put things right.

Onboard NCL's Epic, you will find 128 studios designed specifically for one person. The rooms are compact and bijou but definitely a step in the right direction for the single cruiser.

The critics have stated they're not a space you would want to be confined to day and night but I think thats pretty harsh - they are more than fit for purpose. The bed is a full size double for starters and the bathroom design ensures the space is used well. I particularly like the feeling of airiness that the window to the corridor gives  – you see out but others can’t see in. The 100 sq ft of space also includes unique storage areas, flat screen TV and a desk. And lets not forget the private access you get to the Studios Complex & Studio Lounge.

The Studio Lounge is a stroke of genius in my opinion. A unique, two story lounge where all other single guests can socialise without feeling alone. Expect lots of comfortable seating, two big-screen TVs, a private bar and a coffee machine where you can help yourself to espresso, cappuccino, and other coffee drinks throughout the day.

The prices for the singles cabins are very reasonable though I should imagine the limted number will sell early. If you would like further information on NCL Epic Single Studios please call our cruise experts on 0845 839 9344.

All in all this is a great concept, one which will hopefully filter through to other cruise lines in time. Well done NCL!

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